Want to stand out as a high-performing event professional? You must inherit the ability to remain teachable and to learn along the way with a diverse set of baseline event planning skills.

Before we get to personality, skill, and industry guidelines, you should know that being an event professional is a rewarding job, and there is no one-size-fits-all. I love that about our industry.

Throughout my career, I have produced events wearing many different hats, which led me to know exactly where I do my best work and has helped me to shape my career.

The events industry broads plenty of career paths for you, even with the recent public health crisis around the world. For instance, the COVID pandemic has brought an evolution to the working patterns by introducing new planning roles, such as virtual event producers and planners.

But even with all the opportunities available, comes the need for a teachable attitude. It is how you’ll discover your niche and grow.

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Did you enjoy it? The best advice is to remain teachable and not box yourself in, at any point in your career.

In the world of events, there is one thing that is permanent – things not going as planned. Yet the ability to remain teachable and adaptable to situations will help you overcome challenges at an event. Openness to learn broadens your thinking ability, making you ready for every curveball thrown your way.

Experience is the best teacher.

– Unknown

Here are four quick tips I have adopted to keep learning throughout my career:

  1. Ask for Feedback – Approach it with the desire to listen, learn, and apply and to be open to asking for it at any point of the event-planning journey.
  2. Keep up with the Latest Trends – Subscribe to industry publications, newsletters and utilize social media resources.
  3. Volunteer and Cross-Train – Spend time with other sectors or vendors that work the types of events you like to plan to gain a better understanding of their successes and challenges.
  4. Self-Evaluate – Ask yourself what worked and what did not? What made the event process enjoyable?

A choice to remain teachable builds your path to be the best, keeping you up with ongoing trends!

Drop any tips that helps you remain teachable!

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